Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Freedom at last!

Hello readers

I wonder, have my recent posts been too long? I.e. does anyone actually have the time or energy to read them? Any feedback on this would be appreciated, although I have a feeling I know the answer...

Kids are back at school, and Toddler has started play school. So, for the first time in many many years I have some leisure hours. It feels amazing, as though there might actually be a me in here somewhere, instead of just a Mummy. I mean, Mummy is great, the best ever title as far as I am concerned, but the chance of some respite from it all is a relief, to say the least.

I am using the time to write - I have to, otherwise I could not cope with the ordeal of having a wailing and weeping Toddler prised away from me each morning. At least by coming home to work I can tell myself that it is for the Greater Good, and so ward off the gnawing guilt. Of course, he is fine once I have gone - in fact this afternoon he had a paddy because he said he wanted to go to play school, and I told him it was closed.

I just hope my stress levels continue to go down. Things got a bit hairy for a while during the hols. x x

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