Monday, 6 December 2010

Still here, still happy


I just remembered this blog - apologies, I know the last time I posted I said I'd keep it updated more often. Guess I just got out of the habit.

Oh good, something concrete that I can make a New Year's Resolution about. I love those. I usually end up with a list of about twenty. At the end of the year I review them and see that the previous year I had just the same intentions - Write every day, eat sensibly, exercise, and so on. I don't care. I still enjoy the process. The ongoing process.

I can't believe I have wasted a whole morning. Could have done a lot of writing, if I'd concentrated. Instead, I maybe did 500 words - but also made a lot of phone calls and googled a lot of stuff. I don't really have any idea where the time has gone. The worst thing is, I didn't walk the puppy. So I will have to do that later. Maybe after school with the kids. Don't tend to do that, especially because it's so cold, but it wouldn't do them any harm, a nice brisk walk...

Am trying to be a bit easier on myself - as long as I write a bit I try not to feel bad about not doing more. After all, as time goes on I will have more free time to write. This morning I was bad though - I haven't even done the food shopping, which really is essential. And I thought I might get some Christmas preparations done too - like wrap the gifts I have bought already in case the kids find them meantime (if they haven't already).

So I will make a New Day's resolution - tomorrow I will walk the dog first, so I can't put it off. Or maybe a New Evening's Resolution - I will write tonight.

After a muddled morning my thinking seems a bit blighted -this entry is unoriginal leading into dull. At least it can't be attributed to me. 'Cause I am Anon!

By the by, my memoir is up to 35, 000 words - which may not sound like much progress but denotes a lot of woman hours, because I am just as likely to obliterate whole sections as I am to write new ones. At the moment I am in flux - I think I am telling more than showing again, and I need to find a way round that.

But still - how long is a book? About 80,000 words. So I must be half way there...

That is a joke by the way. Though I am tempted sometimes to just write the words and finish the book, mid-story or wherever. I had the dreadful thought this morning that I have enough material for a trilogy. Perish the thought. That would really be a life sentence. I want to compose uplifting stuff now, not trail through the same old anguish ever after. Onwards and upwards. X.

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