Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ghost writing

I am getting busy these days.  I have started ghost writing a book for a friend of a friend.  I charge just a small hourly fee, because any profits from the book will go to charity.  And although I have said I will work for just four hours each week on this book, in fact that amounts to a whole day of my time, because I have to fit any writing that I do around the housework, walking the dog, doing the school runs and so on.  Still, I feel much appreciated for the work I am doing.  So it's fine.

I was surprised to receive another request recently for help with somebody's writing, with an offer to pay.  I am not going to accept payment on this occasion though - I don't mind helping.  In fact, my eldest, when I told her about the request, insisted that I help this person and not take any money, 'Imagine if it was you, Mummy, fifteen years ago, and somebody had helped you, and how much that would have meant to you...'  Hurrah!  I have raised a child who is not only bright and beautiful but who has a social conscience to match.

I am still working as a peer specialist, still very part time.  Sometimes I wish things would get moving there - I feel like I have a job in theory but not in practice.  But actually I think this state of affairs suits me just now.  I don't want to be cramming too much in - I need to leave enough time to look after the home and the children (and the husband).  And maybe some time to just chill a bit.  And some time to write would be great...

I wrote part of a poem the other day.  I had been to a poetry workshop led by Robyn Bolam, who is a very good poet and a lovely lady - so calm.  If only I can be that calm one day - maybe it comes from devoting one's life to a career that is unlikely to culminate in fame and riches but just gives a sense of satisfaction and peace.  There's a thought.

The weather is disappointing, but then again, if it was really hot and sunny I would feel that I should be out making the most of the weather and then I would get even less achieved indoors.  Every cloud has a silver lining as they say...

Enough for today - no great insights I am afraid, but sometimes any blog post must be better than none at all.


  1. Louise,
    You have inspired me to get back to finishing my book starting when September rolls around. I can't blog and write a book at the same time, so the blog will have to go on the back burner.
    Have a great summer,

  2. Hi Rossa

    I am glad I inspired you, although I thought I was drifting myself! I think starting again in September is a good idea - the idea of a fresh start always helps, which is why I love the New Year, and the new academic year is just as good as a starting point. Have a wonderful summer yourself, if we are not in contact before September.

    All the best