Monday, 30 July 2012

Hello again, hello

Sorry for the long absence.  I have been on holiday with my family - although I have returned to find that we missed the best weather there has been in England all year - huh!

We had good weather too though - and a great experience all around, really.  I have discovered (or re-discovered) that holidays are vital.  Simply vital, for all sorts of reasons.

Anyway, I have not yet caught up with the blogosphere - in fact, after two weeks of doing almost nothing at all I am struggling even to catch up with the washing.  Am trying hard to hold on to that holiday feeling though - you know, the sense of relaxation and calm and well-being and - oops, there it went!

I will blog properly soon.  Just wanted to sign in quickly to say hi, and that I hope all of you out there are flourishing.  It's good to be back. 

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