Wednesday, 17 October 2012


If anyone logged on here earlier today and found an advert for a mature dating website, I sincerely hope you ignored it.  I have now had to remove all the social network links from the right hand side of this blog, in order to get rid of the advert.  Grrr.  I have no idea how it got on here, and I find it really annoying. 

Anyway.  I went to an event called 'What's in a Name?' at Bournemouth University on Tuesday, as part of their Mental Health Awareness Week, and had an interesting time.  I intend to blog about it very soon - probably tomorrow, as it provided much food for thought and deserves a longer post than I can manage at this time of the evening. 

I have also been active on the Rethink Talk website in the last couple of days - I find it quite addictive, so will definitely have to be stringent about limiting my time on there.  Have also been having a good look around the Mad in America website, which I think is a brilliant resource - I really can't praise it highly enough.

I walked my dog at the beach today for the first time in months - during the summer I tend to take her to the parks, as they are quieter.  We had a lovely time - I had missed the sea more than I had realised.  It seems like longer than six weeks or so since the summer holidays, when the children and I were at the beach hut and in the water most days. 

I don't know where the time is going this week.  I had got on a bit of a roll with the recovery book; worked on it a lot last week and over the weekend but have been too busy with other stuff to look at it since Monday - hopefully tomorrow will see some progress with that. 

I can't believe it is almost half term.  Little one is loving school now - no hint of tears in the morning, although he does insist that I have to wave goodbye to him through the window when I leave (he blows me kisses!)

The others are also thriving - but this is a long term, and they are all ready for a break.  I have some writing workshops and suchlike planned for the next couple of weekends, so life will continue to be hectic for a little while yet, but in a good way.  I think I will have a proper holiday over half-term - hide the computer from myself, and just concentrate on being with the kids.

So, more tomorrow about the Bournemouth Uni jaunt (or if not, definitely the day after, or if not, then most certainly over the weekend).


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