Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sale Bargains

Luckily I hadn't planned to do any writing today - otherwise I might have been very disappointed in myself.  I went to see my ghost writing chap this morning (the man I am ghost writing for - there doesn't seem to be an elegant way of expressing that).  So I suppose I did some work...But then I hit the shops!

I had heard that there was a 75% off sale in Boots the Chemist, so I headed to our local branch.  I bought several Gok Wan nail sets for £3.50 each instead of £14.  So far, so good... in fact that might have been enough shopping, especially considering that it was freezing cold today.  Most people must have been at home, because the shops were much quieter than usual.  I probably should have gone home myself at that point.

But, having scented a bargain, I was not to be deterred.  My children are lucky enough to be invited to lots of parties, and since some of the larger Boots stores sell toys, I decided to head to the nearest one in town, to stock up on discount toys for the boys to give to their friends for birthday gifts.  (The Gok Wan sets are also for gifts, these ones for the girls to give to their friends.  I think nail stuff will make nice birthday presents for girls).

I had some more luck in the Boots in town. I bought a SpongeBob Squarepants alarm clock, to go in the boys' bedroom (they were delighted.  I will have to remember to check the time on the alarm before I go to sleep tonight though, as the little one has been threatening to set it for 3am).

I bought a family organiser calendar (always useful).  I bought more cut-price gifts (I won't list them all.  In case any of the recipients ever read this, look at their gifts and think 'cheapskate').  And then I headed over to Debenhams (they have been sending me emails trying to tempt me to their sale for weeks, but I have resisted - until today).  There I bought four bath towels at 70% off, and a half price coat for my eldest daughter (she just came home at school and I couldn't wait for her to try it on - it looks lovely).  I got sucked into paying for these things on a new credit card that I didn't want, because the sales assistant lured me in with the promise of an extra 10% off my purchases. 

That's it now.  I have fully satisfied all my shopping urges for at least the next three months.  Debenhams were a bit naughty to push the credit card, I must say - and they gave me a voucher for a free tea or coffee in their restaurant in the next 7 days, which is quite a clear gambit to lure me back again soon to spend even more.  But I could afford my purchases - I will pay for them in full when the bill arrives, and then cancel the credit card (this is what I did the last time I had a credit card pushed on me, in Argos, and gave in during a moment of weakness.  Usually I say 'No' very firmly, and that's that).

But anyway, I am all shopped out now.  I feel that I got some bargains, and I am pleased, but I have no desire to go shopping again in the near future.  Which is good - a few years ago I was in the shops an awful lot, and wasted a lot of time that way (and money, I suppose, although I am usually quite strict about only buying things we need). 

Tomorrow is my writing day.  The kids have been back at school for just over a week now, and although I have been very busy indeed, I have mostly been writing emails and blogs and so on, and organising stuff generally (and revising for my exam, I suppose.  That took me until last Thursday).

Now I need to get on with my recovery book.  I am aiming to finish that in the next few months, so I am going to have to get into a strict writing routine.  And I feel ready for it - I am quite looking forward to it, in fact. 

It will be an austere writing regime for me now for the foreseeable future.  I'll keep you all posted, but don't worry if this blog is not updated as regularly as usual. 

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