Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mind freedom - my story

I just went to the Mind Freedom site 'I Got Better' and posted my story - as I said I would, on my post here of the 8th January.  I did it quite quickly, and felt that my writing was a bit stilted, but at least it was another job done.

Afterwards, I scrolled down the list of stories, to see how much it had grown since I last looked (it had grown a lot).  And I saw my story.  Wow, I thought, that was quick, they had said it would take a few days to get it up on the site, if it was approved. 

Then I clicked on the story - and yes, it was mine, but not the one I just wrote, something that I must have submitted a while ago, and then forgotten about.  I vaguely remember actually - it was on a form, not on this new site.  They must have collated the stories to put them on the site, and last time I looked mine wasn't on there. 

Now it is, and it's written a lot better than the subsequent one.  Now I will have to email to ask them to disregard this one - half an hour wasted, what with writing the story and then writing to apologise because I had already done it!  Oh well... serves me right for going online.  I had only stopped my ghost-writing project for a quick snack - that was an hour and a half ago, because it turned into browsing the web, and then into commenting on another blog, and now this. 

You live and learn...  Here's the link to my story on Mind Freedom, anyway.

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  1. What a great story of recovery and *thriving*!

    Thank you,

    Duane Sherry