Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Appeal for Help

I have recently decided to republish my autobiography under a new title - 'There's No Such Word as Can't'.  This is for various reasons.  

I have wanted a new cover picture for some time anyway, since I was fed-up of seeing my photo next to the word 'Schizophrenia'.  I no longer subscribe to the notion that I am 'Schizophrenic' and although I used the word deliberately in the title, as a kind of attention-grabbing tactic, I think that it may have backfired on me in some ways.  It is pretty hard to talk about my book and then drop into the conversation that actually I don't have schizophrenia.  There's nothing more likely to make people believe you are mad than claiming you are not.

Also, I was advised some time ago that the word 'Schizophrenia' in the title put many people off reading the book.  My memoir has been read by several thousand people already, but I feel in my guts that there is still an extensive untapped readership out there.

I want to get to those people.  I want as many people as possible to read my book and to understand more about the causes and treatment of mental illness.  I think I have an important message, and I want to be heard - I have been banging my own drum for several years now, and recently I've come to the conclusion that a simple change of title will be more effective than all my Twittering and appealing to mental health charities to help spread my message.  If only people read the book initially, I am confident that they will enjoy it and that word of mouth will spread and encourage others to read and to benefit too.

I am also going to change my author name!  This is because otherwise, people will click on the author button next to the book on Amazon, and immediately see all the details of the 'other' book,  putting me back at square one.  So from now on I will be 'Louise Johnson'.  (I already have two or three other pen-names on the go, it is going to be hard to remember who I am soon.  No, I DO NOT have multiple personality disorder...)

Another reason for the change of author name is that one of my siblings strongly objects to the use of my (our) surname in the original book - and although I still believe that this is unreasonable, I am sure that person will be relieved by the change. 

Initially the first title will run alongside the new one, but in a few weeks or months I intend to take the old title off.  Actually that may happen sooner - I am not sure how Amazon will react to a 'new' book with old content, so I may be forced to make an immediate transition of name and title.

Anyway, I wanted to state what I am doing on here, in case anyone who knows me stumbles across this 'new' book with exactly the same content as my old one, and wonders what on earth that is all about.  Or in case anyone wants to recommend my book to a friend or relative, and then can't find any trace of it.  It will still be there, it will just look different!

This is also an appeal for help.  I will take to Twitter in due course to publicise the book - but meanwhile, please can anyone who has already reviewed it, re-review it under the new title?  I know this is a big ask, and I don't mind at all if you can't be bothered, but it would be a massive help.  It will be on free promotion for several days when it's first published, and I am going to post those dates on here.


  1. Sounds good! I've edited the review I wrote on your other book and posted it on your new one to get you a 5* review to start off with! I'll try and help with the word of mouth as best I can!

    Best of luck with this, hope this new name works out!

    Katy x

  2. Thanks Katy, you are always so kind. No sales yet, but then the new title has only been up and running for one day... I'll keep you informed of any progress. x