Friday, 4 September 2015

The Big News

The Big News is that I have been accepted onto an LLM - a Masters degree course in Law - to start in just three weeks' time!  I will be studying healthcare law, which covers mental health but also subjects such as family law, the law relating to reproduction, consent in general and all sorts of other interesting topics. 

I do find the law fascinating and I am looking forward to studying it again.  There are, hopefully, all sorts of career possibilities leading from the course (I dream of a life in academia but if that doesn't materialise there are plenty of other options).  It will certainly be a life-enhancing experience.  And I am not giving up on my dream of becoming a writer - as the course is only part-time over two years I should be able to continue writing, if I am disciplined.  I suspect that my writing might actually benefit if I have less time to devote to it as I will be less inclined to fritter away the time I do have. 

I am not giving up on mental health campaigning either.  The further law studies should help me to approach this from a more professional standpoint, because I feel that as someone who has personal experience of the mental health system I am not taken seriously when I campaign for change - at a basic level someone who has been diagnosed as I have will always suffer prejudice and there are many other connected issues which I have written about at length in the past.

So - it's all new and exciting and positive.  I am relishing the prospect of it all. 

Watch this space! 


  1. Well done! I am so happy for you. I hope you will go from strength to strength and do a useful job. Someone open minded and specialising in mental health law is not easy to find in my experience.

  2. Hi Louise (and congratulations on your news) - you visited my blog and mentioned your book: I've now read it and done a blogpost on it -please go and take a look.

  3. Hi Moira - thank you! - I read your blog and really appreciate you taking the time to do that! So exciting to be featured on a book blog! I have commented on there but thought I would reply to this too. Fab!