Friday, 27 April 2012

A Social Day

I had a very social day today - two friends over for coffee this morning (not at the same time, oddly; one left as the other arrived) and then lunch at another friend's house.  One of the play school Mums had invited several of her son's friends for lunch - and Toddler, always the centre of the action at play school, was of course one of the invitees.  We had a good old chat, the Mums and I, while we watched our four year olds 'hanging out' together.  Lovely.   And the best thing about it all was my lack of nerves - in the old days any sort of get together would have been a trigger for all sorts of anxieties, instead of which I just relaxed and had a good time.

Later on I took Toddler and one of his sisters to walk the dog.  (The other children were out).  The weather was inexplicably hot and sunny - after a week of heavy winds and driving rain this felt like a momentous thing.

We walked a short distance, then climbed up a grassy verge, and Toddler and I sat down about a hundred yards away from his sister.  We then took turns calling the dog so she dashed back and forth between us like a mad thing, her huge ears flapping as she ran full pelt, putting her brakes on at the last minute to slide across the grass to a stop mere inches from where we sat.  It was hysterical - not my usual method of exercising the dog, but the perfect way to wind down with the kids after a busy day.

I copped out at dinner time.  I served up bacon sandwiches and ice cream to the troops - hardly a balanced meal.  I am just about to chop up a pineapple in an attempt at damage limitation.  In my defence I have been a Stepford mother all week, providing masses of vegetables and lots of exotic fruit at every turn.  And it is Friday night.

Have a good weekend!

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