Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Some Links I Like

I have so much to write about this evening - but it is already late so I am going to keep it brief.  I met Dr Alison Brabban at the Schizophrenia Commission in London.  Dr Brabban is a consultant clinical psychologist and honorary senior lecturer at Durham University.  She is a lovely person, extremely enlightened about mental health, who has been carrying out some valuable work in the field.  I have recently been in touch with her and she sent me an article about recovery rates from schizophrenia with and without medication.  It was written by Martin Harrow and Thomas Jobe in 2007.  Here is an abstract  (summary) of the findings.

I can reproduce the whole article if anybody is interested, but the summary just about - well, sums it up, really.

Next, here's a link to an article in the Guardian citing a study on anti-psychotic medication and its effectiveness in warding off early signs of psychosis in young people, preventing the oncome of schizophrenia - or rather its ineffectiveness.  To quote this study, which was done by a group of five universities, '  ''Benign'' psychological treatments such as CT (cognitive therapy) and counselling were effective at reducing the severity of psychotic experiences that can lead to conditions such as schizophrenia'.


Finally, a blowing-my-own-trumpet link to a wonderful review of my memoir that my lovely husband found for me (he actually spends his time trawling the net looking for stuff like this - how lucky am I?!)


That's it for today, folks!

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