Monday, 14 May 2012

Paperback available in the UK

I am pretty excited about this - the paperback of my memoir is now available in the UK.  I feel as though I have been announcing its imminent availability for about six months - well never mind, because it has finally arrived!

Here's the link:

Now, don't be put off by the 'Out of Stock' announcement on Amazon.  The book is not out of stock - I ordered fifty copies a couple of days ago from the print on demand company who issue them, Lightning Source, and they have arrived already.  If you order on Amazon, the book will be with you really quickly - and very soon it should be possible to order from online retailers like WHSmith and Waterstones too.  Maybe it will even appear in bookshops soon - or eventually.  You could also order from the Twynham Press website.

Anyway, this is a real step forward - although I am not resting on my laurels.  I am only a writer for as long as I keep writing, so I am busy working on my new book, which is about recovery from serious mental illness (working title - 'How to Recover from a Nervous Breakdown' - other suggestions gratefully received).  The new book is coming on nicely - maybe not as quickly as I might have hoped, but then I have had my fingers in other pies meanwhile. 

I put my money where my mouth was today (see yesterday's post) - I cycled up to the shops, duly helmeted.  It was raining, but I still found it a pleasurable experience - especially the feeling of avoiding the traffic, and not having to queue for or pay for parking, or having to rush back to my car after an hour for fear of getting a penalty ticket. 

I also taught my writing class - well, it is more of a writing group and there was probably an equal ratio of chatting to writing today, but it too was highly enjoyable. 

I also cleaned the house today, sorted out some washing and walked the dog.  This evening I have worked for several hours on my recovery book.  I have probably peaked now, and will fall sharply tomorrow into some sort of trough of inactivity and stupor which may last for some time (I won't, it's a joke, admittedly a weak one) but I am going to sleep with a sense of a day well and fully spent.  In fact, I think I may well be asleep already..........

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