Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I am excited to have been chosen as a runner-up (one of forty!) in the Rethink Your Mind competition.  Here's the link to that:  http://www.rethinkyourmind.co.uk/

The exciting part is that we get to collect our prizes from the House of Lords in a couple of weeks' time!  So London beckons...

Another development is that I have been featured in a new magazine, Still Here, which was set up by the incredible Katy:  http://stillheremagazine.com/  Thanks Katy!

I feel I should apologise for not posting much here recently - I am far too busy at the moment, doing all sorts of things.  I need time to sit still and focus on what is important - luckily I have a holiday coming up, so hopefully that will give me a chance to think and to sort out my priorities.

I am reading a lot about mental health - just finished Agnes' Jacket by Gail Hornstein, which was an amazing book.  But sometimes I think I am reading too much - I probably need to concentrate on writing for a while now.  

Anyway, I will be back on here when I can, hopefully soon-ish.

Adieu for nieu.

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