Friday, 5 April 2013

Centre for Excellence in Mental Health and other resources

Here's the link to an amazing resource - the Centre of Excellence in Mental Health, based at the University of Birmingham:

I have spent the evening glued to this site, watching some amazing films, of people like Gail Hornstein, Dorothy Rowe, Richard Warner and so on.  When you come across stuff like this, it is really possible to believe that the tide is changing!

I found the CEIMH through Gail Hornstein's website:

I am reading her book, Agnes' Jacket, which is absolutely packed with information about enlightened ways of treating emotional distress.  This morning I made a huge list of  websites and other information to look up, based on references in just one short part of the book.

Here's just a few of them - the Mental Health Testimony project archived at the British Library Survivor's Poetry Network the Freedom Center

And here's another, new site, that looks really interesting - the McPin Foundation: They are interested in peer-led research, so contact them if you would like to be involved.  And please spread the word about them.


I am still only half-way through Agnes' Jacket, by the way, and will definitely post a review when I have finished, but meanwhile I can assure you it is most definitely a worthwhile and very pleasurable read.  Grab a copy as soon as you can.

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