Thursday, 28 March 2013

Local Mum (me!) writes inspirational memoir

Here's a link to a nice article that came out in my local paper yesterday.  The headline is 'Louise's memoir will be an inspiration to all' which was lovely - it made my kids very proud!

I felt a bit weird this morning at the school - there was an Easter bonnet parade, the school and playground were crammed with people, and I couldn't help wondering how many of them had read the article!

But then, it doesn't matter - if my story helps anyone, and it has already, then it has served its purpose.  And the article did mention that I am better now, which was nice.  Just in case anyone around me was worried for their safety.

I wonder how many people still think that 'schizophrenic' is a term that describes dangerous people.  The media certainly use it less now - although there was an article in The Times this week about a violent perpetrator, and the headline was 'Schizophrenic man...' ... and then whatever he had done. 

The stigma will never go away until the name is changed, and everybody in the mental health profession knows that.  The brave and honest mental health professionals are willing to come out and say it, and that the current system is not a healing one.

Anyhow, here's the link:


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