Monday, 4 March 2013

Why Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of

Here's an article I wrote for a local paper last week.  I'm pleased with how it came out (apart from the picture, but I think I'm going to have to accept that's just what I look like these days).  Comments appreciated (not on the photo, on the article!)


  1. Hi Louise,
    I just came across your article in MindFreedom and wondered if you could give more information on the CBT course that you mention.

  2. Hi. Of course - I had about twelve sessions of CBT. I self-referred, through my local IAPT system. There should be something in place in every area to enable people to access Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through the NHS - although there may be a wait. Your GP should be able to refer you, or tell you how to self-refer. I have heard that some GPs refer people to online CBT programmes - although I would recommend doing the therapy face to face. There are also various books available on CBT - and Glasgow Steps is a very good website that helps with anxiety and other issues. I hope that helps.

    Incidentally, this was my third course of CBT (the others were many years ago). I had a very good therapist this time (she was an ex-psychiatric nurse and also had many years of CBT experience) and also I managed to put my trust in her (I have issues with trust!) I was very honest with her about my worries - which seemed much less awful once I had got them out in the open - and I think this helped me to benefit from the therapy more than I had done in the past.