Friday, 1 March 2013

Rethink Writing

I have been trying to reproduce the newspaper article that ran in my local paper - but my limited computer skills are not up to the job.  I found this just now though  - it is the same wording as the article, but without the massive photo that went alongside... I did not write the article myself (hence the term 'Dorset born' when I was actually born in London)  but I was asked for suggestions and did manage to insert the term 'emotional distress' instead of 'mental illness'  in a couple of places.

We had our first group meeting this afternoon - it went well (I certainly enjoyed it) although we chatted much more than we wrote - I am going to get a grip on that next time.

Onwards and upwards (I've cheered up a bit now)....  Here's the link to the article:

And here's some more (optional) reading - a well-argued case for reform of the mental health law (thanks to @sectioned on Twitter):


  1. Louise, this is an excellent initiative. Well done. So many people with these labels are dormant writers, I believe (and poets, musicians, and artists.)

  2. Thanks Rossa. I saw something on Facebook last night that annoyed me - somebody had said that there is a lot of competition amoung artists, writers etc - everybody thinks they can do it - but that fortunately not many of them are sane. In fact, I think writing can be a useful way to stay sane...And as the lovely Raymond Briggs wrote to me, so many of the really great artists are considered 'mad' - he listed them, and the list included Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. Why do people have to judge other people anyway? I suppose to make themselves feel better. Anyway, thanks again. I will let everyone know how the group progresses.