Thursday, 3 February 2011

And another correction...

Hello again

Just noticed that on the first of yesterday's posts I mentioned finishing the 'novel' when I am forced to put my feet up for six weeks. I meant memoir of course. The reason for the confusion is that I am still thinking of disguising it as a novel, to protect my identity. I have even attempted to do so several times - but when I try this, the essential element of truth (essential that is, for a true story) is thrust out and the thing seems to become empty and unreadable. Still, I'll finish it first and then decide what to do about it. Aiming to get to 50,000 words by the end of this week - but we have visitors for the weekend and today I have Toddler at home...and seem to have ended up looking after his cousin as well...and now the school have phoned and asked me to collect my younger daughter who is unwell...

I will have to write in the evenings. Too hard to concentrate now - Toddler is watching re-runs of Charley Bear on BBC iPlayer, which is fine except that each episode only lasts seven minutes, then I have to go in and put the next one on. Also, have to walk the dog soon (lovely sunny day for it) with poorly daughter and Toddler in tow. And later this afternoon have an appointment to take poorly girl to the GP. Granny is coming to mind the others while we are out.

And I am going to make the most of the time. Take some puzzles to do with my daughter, and a book for me (unfortunately the one we are reading this month for book group is a bit dire but I feel duty bound to plough through it).

Bye for now.

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