Friday, 18 June 2010

Condensed Words of Advice


I had a lovely response to my last post, which raised the question of what I do to stay well. I tried to reply as fully as possible - a lot of the information is available elsewhere in the blog, but I realise that it has become too long to read in full. So if anyone else wants a bit of capsule advice on how to ward off mental illness - nothing innovative or earth-shattering, but just what works for me, please read the comments attached to the last blog 'Doggy Days'.

Speaking of dogs, my puppy gets better every day. She is sleeping now, her tiny head on my feet as I write. I have only had her for five days, but already I don't know how I managed without her. She has really lifted my spirits.

However, getting a dog as therapy is obviously not a good idea. Taking someone else's for a walk might be a really good plan though - you not only get exercise, but people stop and talk so much more than usual. I will have to watch that my toddler's feelings don't get too badly injured - he is not used to playing secind fiddle.

Speaking of toddler, he has just awoken and is in need of a cuddle. More later.

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