Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Taming the Toddler

My lovely little boy is becoming upset by all the fuss about the dog. I knew he would be bothered by the decrease in attention now that there is somebody other than him who needs me in the daytime, but at first the change was minor. He was a little unsettled, so I did my best to reassure him, and I thought things were going well.

Suddenly, though, things have taken a turn for the worse. For the last couple of days he has been incredibly bossy and blustering - shouting and crying and demanding things. I am finding it quite hard to manage, especially because he is usually so easy and so good.

Funnily, the puppy is calming down just as the baby is becoming difficult. But I know that things will soon sort themselves out. A lot of it is tiredness - the toddler is two and a half now, and he hates me putting him down for a daytime sleep, so I have been letting him stay up. Today, though, I put him to bed, and I know that he and I will both feel better for the rest. Then I just have to be calm, firm and consistent with him if he tries to test the boundaries again, and soon he will be back to his usual charming self. I hope.

On the other hand, he could be feeling a bit under the weather, or coming down with a bug perhaps. I know with my other children that sometimes when their behaviour was challenging it was because they weren't feeling well - and often it is only a couple of days later, when the chicken pox spots or whatever appear, that it makes sense. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, things have been busy. I like to take the toddler out while the others are at school, but now our outings are more hurried because I have to make sure we don't leave the puppy for more than a couple of hours. Which is fine, it is doing me good to be at home more, in that the house is more organised which makes me feel less stressed generally. And the puppy is such a pleasure - she is lying with her little furry head on my foot as I type now, and it feels so nice. I couldn't have trained her to do this, she just seems to want to do it naturally and it is a lovely aid to the writing process - I don't want to move from here now!

The older children have a lot going on - school trips, sports days, fund-raising events, ballet shows and exams, piano lessons. The list goes on. It is all stuff that benefits them, which makes me feel good about doing it, but I will be pleased when it is the end of term and we can all relax a bit.

Wonder what will happen with the footie this afternoon? It's not really my thing, and I won't be watching the game, or not much of it, but you can't help getting pulled along with the wild tide of public interest about some things. I do sort of want England to win - despite my disinterest in football usually - just because it would make such a lot of people I know so excited and pleased. I don't even know who we are playing this afternoon, but I expect the kids will watch it and I will maybe just keep half an eye on the TV. x

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