Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another Daniel Mackler film

Hi again

I just watched a You Tube film by Daniel Mackler called Schizophrenia- Full Recovery through Therapy.  I haven't mentioned Daniel's work for a while, so I thought I would link to this film here:

And here is the link to his website:

I don't agree entirely with all that Daniel thinks on the subject of mental health; I particularly oppose his views that all childhood trauma is caused by bad parenting and that nobody should become a parent until they are entirely healed, or 'enlightened'. 

In my opinion truama comes from many sources and for various reasons - maybe it is just part of our inheiritance, our path through life to encounter difficulties and learn to overcome them.  (I know I am not a perfect parent, but I am sure that my kids are going to turn out to be well-adjusted and happy - all the signs are good). 

Anyway, Daniel and I have agreed to differ on these things, which are after all only opinions.  He is an all-round good person as far as I can tell from his work (we have not met).  He is someone who has faith in the human ability to recover from serious mental illness and his work shows that.  So when I stumbled across this film (see link above) I just had to share it and tell you all again how inspirational I think this man is.  I shall cite his work in the evidence I intend to give to the Schizophrenia Commission (they have just asked for evidence and opinions about recovery, so anybody else who wants to contribute, please look them up online.  If you don't find time, don't worry, I will post a link soon).  It amazes me that so many medical professionals still seem to be unaware of all the information out there on the net about healing from schizophrenia (or are they turning a blind eye?)

Let's make it our mission to inform them!

Louise x  



  1. For a long time my mother has Paranoid Schizophrenia, do you think it is even possible to have a full recovery?
    I whant to know if it's possible and whant drugs can help her with this?
    I apologize for grammar mistakes, but English is not my native language

  2. Hi

    What I know is that I was very ill, with the sort of symtoms that gave me a diagnosis of schizophrenia and that I recovered. So it must be possible.

    I am not a medical professional, I have no idea about medications.

    What I can say is that although you might find this difficult to see, your Mum, the essence of her, will still be present even when she is extremely mentally unwell, so try to speak to and understand that person and encourage everyone around her to do the same. Get her some talking therapy, if possible. As Karl Jung said, 'A schizophrenic is no longer a schizophrenic when he feels understood by somebody else'.

    I am sorry I can't give you any more practical help -all I can say is that there is definitely hope, and I hope your mother finds a way through. I wish you all the best.

    Louise x