Friday, 9 December 2011

YouTube film about Recovery from Schizophrenia

Hi Guys

Spent a good evening, looking at other mental health blogs, and following various links.  This is a film I came across on YouTube, by following a link from a comment on Ron Unger's great blog.

This guy is very young (24) but had 'schizophrenia' from the age of ten.  He is better now, largely because he finally found the courage to tell his GP about the paranoia.  The film is well worth watching. 

On a different note, my dear husband, who helps me sometimes with techy things, has this evening, while I have been browsing the net, made my memoir available to lend to (Amazon Premier Account Holders?) in the USA.  Amazon have just set up a lending library, and we thought that my book might as well be a part of it.  Just thought I would mention that.  I think that one way to beat this mental illness thing is to stand up and be counted, and if this young man (on You Tube) is willing to put himself out to fight the stigma, I am going to redouble my efforts to do the same.

Louise x

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