Monday, 12 December 2011

Rethink Meeting

Hi Everyone

Met the lady from Rethink today.  I was confused, because I had been emailing this lady, who I had only met once at the Rethink AGM, and hoping I would recognise her again when we finally met.  I had a picture in my mind of who she was.  But she turned out to be someone completely different - although I did remember her from the AGM, she was not the person I thought I had been emailing and was going to meet!  The one I thought it was had been sitting at the same lunch table as Paul and I, this one was sitting at the next table.

So that was an embarrassing start.  Luckily the two ladies who I had brought with me to the meeting were much more socially ept than I, and while I was burbling on about how I thought she was someone else they smoothed things over, bought her a cup of tea, etc...  I have not felt more like someone with a mental health problem for a long time.

We talked through setting up the group, and came to some conclusions, although I must say I am a little befuddled by it all.  The whole business seems to be a little political.  Which I suppose it would be if a large organisation is to be involved.  They have to have rules and regulations and so on.  I suppose the best I can do is give it a try.  I want to get things up and running in the New Year, although nobody else seems to be in much of a hurry. 

Anyway, it went ok, I suppose.  I do let my mouth run away with me sometimes in conversation; I wish I could express myself more lucidly.  I am still so much clearer on the page than in person.  Maybe I always will be.

The wind is raging outside.  The kids had trouble settling down to sleep, because of the racket.  Paul has gone to the supermarket - he likes to shop in the evenings.  Hope he gets home soon. 

That's all for now, folks!

Louise x


  1. Great initiative your working with Rethink! It's windy here, too. The shutters rattle and the wind howls through the bones of the building. I've had four sleepless nights in a row.

  2. Hope it settles down soon. It is not too bad here today, managed to walk the dog at least. Louise x