Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hello everyone

Ventured to Lidl today.  Had both boys off school - the big one is really poorly, with a hacking cough and a cold that has been lingering for weeks.  The little one was sneezing and coughing this morning, so I thought he might as well keep his brother company, since play school is optional.  They have had a whale of a time.

This morning I cut their hair!  I was fully prepared to rush them off to the hairdresser if it all went pear shaped, as I was sure it would.  But to my amazement they look great.  Aided by the fact that they always look great, but they really are good haircuts.  They have had worse haircuts, in proper hairdressing shops - and better, of course.

We went to Lidl at lunchtime - seemed to be really short of supplies, and since Paul and I are out tonight I had no choice but to take the boys shopping with me.  They were lovely but annoying; hanging on to the trolley so that I could hardly manoeuvre it, they were genuinely convinced that they were helping me and I didn't like to insist otherwise.  I ended up buying them a book each. Toddler's was an animal atlas, which was not as good as its cover suggested.  (Why didn't I guess why it was shrink wrapped?)  His big brother's book was great though - a flip page quiz book, which is just up his street.  He will read factual books for hours - in fact he will read anything for hours these days, he has become such a bookworm.  My boy!

Drove to collect my eldest from school - I don't usually do that but it was pouring today and she is singing in a carol concert tonight, so I thought she deserved a couple of hours at home to chill out first.

I am feeling a bit stressed again.  Mainly because of my Mum and her recent health scare, although she seems to be back on track now - she has been thoroughly checked at the hospital, and is back home with her dog now.  She can't drive for a while, so tomorrow I am going to head up there with Toddler (hopefully his brother will be back at school) and take her to the shops.  She will enjoy that.

I think I am also stressed because I haven't written much recently - keep failing to get into a routine.  I will get organised soon.   Only one more week until the school holidays, hurrah!

All the best to all of you

Louise x


  1. You've written just the right amount. Glad to hear that your mother is doing well.

  2. Thanks, as always, Rossa. I am sure you are right, 'No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should'.

    Took my Mum to the shops today, which she enjoyed, although she seemed to tire quite quickly.

    Will write more tomorrow - oh, the bliss of an impending weekend without much planned! x