Thursday, 13 December 2012

Myself, interviewed at Newcastle Uni by Tom Feltham

Below is a link to an interview carried out by Tom Feltham (a science kid) at Newcastle Uni, when I was up for the 'Reassembing the Self' exhibition in October.  I have never been interviewed before, and so I am quite pleased with the way this turned out.   Thanks are due to Tom:

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  1. It's an interesting read and well written! I'm progressing well with my book so it was particularly interesting to read about your thoughts on self publishing. You also made several good points in the interview too, about how schizophrenia is a helpful term yet at the same time, you recognise it helped sell your book! I had a minor dilemma recently about whether or not I should change my twitter name. The whole story is on my blog but I decided to keep it as it was. For one, that user name would tell people straight away about my diagnosis and if someone had just received the diagnosis, they would find me easily and I'd hopefully be able to help them through the difficult first days of diagnosis.

    It's always interesting to read things that have been published away from your blog as well as on your blog so keep us posted with links of things you've done away from your blog!

    Katy x