Sunday, 30 December 2012

Psychology Exam Looms

I have a psychology exam in ten days' time - and thank goodness, I have finally started on my revision.  I don't know what was up with me until now, but luckily a conversation with a friend on the phone today helped snap me out of my apathetic and helpless attitude. 

My friend had asked how my studies were going, and I replied that I didn't know what was wrong with me, but that I couldn't seem to get interested in the exam.  I told her that I would only sit the exam if I felt prepared - I don't need another qualification at this stage in my life, and there would be no point taking it unless I started to revise soon.   She listened sympathetically. 

I then asked how her studies were going.  She is studying at a more advanced level than me - she already has a psychology degree, and now is going down the counselling route, with a view to getting a doctorate in counselling psychology (I think).  She has all sorts of projects going on, actually. 

My friend told me her studies were going well.  She is tackling them methodically, while making sure that her child has not been neglected over the holiday period.

I put down the phone feeling encouraged, although nothing had been said to make me feel that way.  I just thought, here I am, in the first year of an A level course (if I pass this year I will gain an AS qualification).  It's not actually that hard.  I enjoy the weekly lessons very much.  But, by not putting any effort into learning the material, I am ruling myself out of even taking an exam that I have enrolled for and paid for.  I have enjoyed studying the material over the last few months.  So why on earth not make the final push to learn it properly, and give the exam the best I can?  Who would that help?  Who would it hinder not to do the work?

Apart from anything else, if I don't get on with it, I will be setting a very bad example to my daughters.  So I am pleased and relieved to say that this afternoon I have spent an hour and a half poring over my revision book, making copious notes.  I have a way to go but I am confident that, now I have started, the only way is up.

I just hope I have left myself enough time!

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  1. have a happy and successful New Year! If you relax you will find that you know and remember much more than you think.