Saturday, 1 December 2012

Rethink Your Mind Competition

I really, really want to win this competition:

The prize is an iPad (I've coveted one of these for a while) and the prize-giving ceremony is at the House of Lords, in the 'Cholmondeley Room'.  (For those who are not familiar with the vagaries of the English language, you pronouce this word 'Chumley'.)  I want to go there!!!

And, by the way, another odd word - 'Featherstonehaugh' is pronounced 'Fanshawe'.  The unusual things I know (and don't know how I know)...  Those are the only two, actually.

Anyway, I cannot in good conscience keep this competition to myself - so feel free to enter, everyone, and spread the word yourselves. 

Good Luck.

May the best person win. 

(Best people - there will be six winners).


  1. Thank you for posting this, I've been looking for comps to enter! I'll hopefully enter it too! I'm also entering the Bridport prize too, if you're not already registered with them it'll be worth a look into them too as the top prize is £5000 and several winners and runners up end on having their work published! Googling Bridport Prize should find them but I'll leave another comment with their website for your information.

    Good luck!!

  2. This is the website

    Katy x

  3. Hi Katy - yes, you should go for both. If you get into the habit of writing regularly now, you could have ten novels published (easily) by the time you are my age. And competitions are a really good way to stay motivated. You can also find some on the BBC Writers Room website - they are often looking for god young writers.

    I used to enter the Bridport Prize, many years ago, but got disappointed when I didn't win (the same reason I have stopped doing the lottery). I would enter again, but only if I had written something I was really, really proud of... The Rethink Your Mind comp attracted me because there is no entry fee, and because I imagine there will be less entrants than for the Bridport. The closing date is the end of January - mark it on your calendar, I find it is all too easy to let these dates slip by.