Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Is that the Date already?

Hi again

Just don't know where the days go...

Been busy with Little Daughter's birthday, and with...chores, mostly. Been doing a bit more writing (hurrah) and generally feeling more cheerful (double hurrah). Walking the dog every day eats up some time (in a wholly positive way).

Today, I took Toddler on a bus ride, just for fun. It was an absolute riot - he was on top form, commenting on every aspect of the journey. Like this, 'The traffic light is on red. When it goes orange you have to jump up and down on the spot. And when it goes green, you GO!' (Shouted at full volume, and with maximum impact, as only Toddler knows how).

He conversed with all the other passengers, at length. He was immensely excited about the branches bumping on the top of the bus. He took in every single thing that we passed, and counted them all (and made them all matter). I love him so much!

I am seriously thinking of taking the same bus journey with him every week. I have not smiled so much for as long as I can remember. I felt a bit bereft without my car, but it was so definitely worth it...

Hubby has put up a new washing line for me in the garden. I only asked him for the last four years. I feel that there is nothing left to wish for... Actually, that is the opposite of true. I have become alarmingly avaricious recently - well, not in a grasping way, but whenever I pass big or lovely houses for sale (which I seem to do constantly at the moment) I keep wanting them... I have become covetous. Is it very wrong? It is very pointless, that is for sure - unless the agent gets in touch in the extremely near future and announces that he has secured me an amazing deal after the most incredible bidding war for the rights to my book...It is very pointless, that is for sure.

Anyway, forget all that. I will sign off now by counting my blessings. A home, four kids, a hubby, a dog, a garden, a life... Not been sectioned for eleven years now, and counting....

Over and out. x.

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