Friday, 6 May 2011

Watch The Clock


Just had a weird flashback when I wrote the title to this post. I remembered how time seemed to slow almost to a stop and then start to race when I was ill - as though it was out of control. I suppose this is the same in ordinary life, maybe it is just that everything seems more heightened when you are unwell.

Anyway, I have half an hour before I have to pick up Toddler from play school. We took the day off yesterday - I took him to a theme park, and we had a great time. But now I could really do with a little time to myself. However, there was an event at my older son's school this morning which I had to attend, and now the morning is almost done... Oh well. Next week I will have three 'normal' weeks - as in, no bank holidays - before half term, so hopefully I will get into a little more of a routine again.

This post is not flowing properly, partly because I am watching the time. I find I need time to write - I write fast, but I am always aware that when I am in 'the zone' time passes without my knowledge, and I can't let that happen when I have a child to collect so soon.

Got my bicycle out this morning. It was fun! I fell over at the theme park yesterday and bashed my head (I know, the kids are supposed to do stuff like that) and I blacked out for a second. I am fine now, but for the rest of the day and evening yesterday I was out of sorts. I had a headache, and a vague suspicion that I might go to sleep and have a brain haemorrage and never wake up. Paranoid? Moi?

Anyway, now I am full of the joys because of the contrast with how I felt last night. So that is good. Better go now, anyhow. More soon. x

PS Haven't been back to the NHS site yet, will let you know when I post again there. If I do use it, I want to do so in a structured way, with the hope that my posts will be informative and useful for those trying to recover from mental health problems.

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