Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday all day

Hi Guys

Been breaking my back with the housework this morning. The place was looking like a pigsty and we have family coming over later to celebrate one of the kids' birthdays. So I have sorted the washing, hoovered, scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom, etc etc... Yikes, just realised I forgot to sort out the porch. Anyway, my back really does hurt now, but at least the house looks respectable.

Am feeling more positive in myself today, although the library did not have any of the books I asked for yesterday and did not hold out much hope on the usefulness of ordering them - apparently the budget cuts mean that most requests are being turned down. Never mind. I can look on Amazon later...

On the bright side, our old garden furniture sold on eBay for almost a hundred pounds - result! Just hope the buyer doesn't turn up and refuse to take it away on the grounds that it should really have gone to the tip... Actually it's not all that bad, it is a functioning table and chair set, just ten years old and I was sick of the sight of it. The new set is mint (sad use of word that should be confined to teenagers, sorry). I never thought I would get enthusiastic about garden furniture - and now I have set my sights on a new kitchen table. I think life as I have grown to know it may be over, since I seem to have morphed into a tedious housewife-type person.

Came up with an idea for a new book yesterday. Hurrah! Now I just have to get on and write it. Oh yes, and finish the old one (again). No word from the agent, but in case he does want to see the rest I really want to pummel it into shape. Sorry again, seem to be writing the same old same old...

More soon. X.

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