Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday All Day (except now it's the Evening)


And apologies for the banal post title. The am dram show last night was truly fab - sparkling dialogue and really good acting. So that was nice. I went out again tonight - my girls were singing and I went to listen. Which was also nice, except that it means for two nights now I haven't read the boys their story and sung their bedtime songs. Hubby is more than capable but I like to do it. Never mind.

Today has been a manic chase my tail in circles sort of a day. Went swimming this morning - as much to get the kids clean as anything else. From there went to visit the Oldies (grandparents) just returned from a three month holiday. It doesn't seem to have improved their mood.

Then home for lunch, followed by a quick tidy up in the garden. Toddler was highly excited because I had bought him some new play sand and sorted it out in his sand pit for him. He had a lovely time playing and arguing with Big Brother over it. I then got sidetracked by washing all the buckets and spades and throwing away the ones which had been chewed by the dog (which didn't leave many).

Took the girls to buy some garden stuff, like hanging baskets and new plants from the supermarket. This in a misguided attempt to impress the Oldies with my gardening prowess. So returned home to begin a frenzy of planting strawberries, tomatoes, sweet peppers and so on.

Somehow managed to cook and eat dinner, rushed to take the girls to sing and stayed to watch them, rushed them home....

I wonder why it is that since I resolved to do less (and genuinely intended to carry out my resolution) I have been busier than ever?

Anyway, I intend to look at the memoir tomorrow and start revising it again. I am going to try to do so in a light hearted spirit - see it as play rather than work. Which hopefully will make it read in a lighter manner - part of the problem with it as it goes on is that it weighs the reader down, I think (not surprising given the subject matter, but still). I still haven't heard from the agent, but am taking it that no news is good news...

More anon. X.

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