Thursday, 6 October 2011

Looking Up

Greetings all

Went for a walk on the beach this morning.  This is something that I can only do at certain times of the season, because dogs are banned from most areas of the beach in the summer.  A good thing as far as my monster is concerned; she is far too friendly (and greedy) and would be bouncing everywhere, kicking up sand at the sunbathers (and eating their packed luches). 

It was lovely to be back at the beach.  I mostly walked on the promenade, only venturing onto the sand when toddlers approached and I didn't want the dog to greet them too effusively (she has been known to knock toddlers flying, which is awful, even if she does only want to lick their faces).  It was just nice to be near the sea, in the open air (because our walk most days recently has been far more sheltered).  And when the dog jumps at me, which she does often, to get at her treats, she only covers me with sand.  As opposed to mud, which has been getting really annoying. 

Half the day has gone already - a friend just popped in and we have been talking about schools.  I am afraid I talked her head off. I don't seem to have much awareness of the normal rules of conversation, especially when I get on my hobbyhorse.  Must learn to slow down. 

My blog post is up on the Time to Change site.  Here is the link:

I must go now.  Hope you are all well and happy.

Louise x

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