Friday, 28 October 2011

Johnny English Reborn

Hi All

Been to see Johnny English Reborn this evening.  Younger daughter has been desperate to go - insisting that all her friends have seen it and found it really funny.  I have been refusing to go, because I have read several reviews of the film, all dismal.  But actually it was really good - more than a few laugh-out-loud moments, plenty of tongue-in-cheek humour...better than the first Johnny English, if I remember rightly.  Although of course seeing a film on the big screen does make a difference.  Anyhow, I am glad we went.

I don't know where this week has gone, I honestly don't.  I am going to look at my calendar and write down all the things we have done, because I don't even feel as if we have had a half term holiday.  I meant to do stuff with the boys - some maths with my elder son, some drawing and stuff with the little one.  And some eleven plus work with younger daughter.  And just some hanging out with the older one.  Instead of which, I feel as though I have just been tidying and shopping and cleaning and washing and grumping around.  What a waste of a week.

I know that in fact it must have been more constructive than it seemed.  We have had a few long dog walks, for a start.  We have had friends over.  We went out with my Mum one afternoon.  We saw Horrid Henry.  And the kids have had a chance to relax and chill out, which is the main point of a holiday - it's just I suppose that I don't feel that I have spent enough time with them.  Oh least the house is in a reasonable state, ready for next week when the kids will be back at school and I can knuckle down to some work.

Toddler has been coughing a lot recently - the cough went but seemed to come back after just a couple of days.  He had a real attack of it on the way to the park this afternoon - I had to pick him up and carry him in the end.  I think he may be getting asthma - although of course he may just be suffering from a virus or a series of them.  He is not coughing tonight for the first time in ages, so touch wood, perhaps he is on the mend.

I put in my job application to Time to Change, and now have my fingers tightly crossed, hoping to be invited to an interview.  Que sera, sera. 

I have read some brilliant stuff on the net in the last day or two, on Rossa Forbes' blog and the Beyond Meds one.  I won't be able to post for the next few days, but promise that as soon as possible I will set up links to these pieces - meanwhile, do explore those sites for yourselves.

Enough for now - take care all of you, and I will be back soon.

Louise x


  1. I went to the cinema this afternoon where Johnny English was playing, although I wasn't there to see it. I saw, instead, The Artist, which I highly recommend. Be prepared for a silent movie with dialogue in the last five minutes only. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. But now that you have recommended Johnny English, I will put it back on my list. On the week-end, I started to reread your book Surviving Schîzphrenia, with pleasure, BTW.

  2. Hi Rossa. I will look out for The Artist, thanks. Not sure I have seen that one reviewed, although when I look it up in a minute I may remember. I hope you are not disappointed by Johnny English. It is a bit facile (or do I mean puerile?. But fun.

    As for my book, I am itching to start on a re-write - I want to make the whole thing as readable as the first third. But then I don't want to waste my whole life re-writing one book...Let me know what you think about this when you have finished the book (again). Thanks for continuing to take an interest. Louise x