Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Check this out!

Hi Guys

Check this out - a really good article, in my opinion.  A long read, but worth it (I skimmed some bits, I must admit, because I have just come back from a short holiday and haven't even unpacked properly yet.  I shouldn't be here at all). 

I couldn't resist checking on what had happened today in London, with Rethink's 'Unhappy Birthday Schizophrenia' campaign.  Then one thing led to another, I found this article, and I decided I should link to it straight away instead of my usual, 'I read something really good, bit busy now but will link to it soon' and then forgetting. 

Here it is:

I haven't finished looking at the Rethink campaign stuff, but I did read a bit on the Today programme (a short article by Tom somebody).  Hang on, I'll find that....


I was a bit disappointed by it though, especially when I read all about the usual 'brain disorder' bit, which seems to rule out the possibility of anyone ever becoming well again. I have posted a couple of comments online about how recovery is possible, and how I have got better, and will continue to do that. 

Anyway, hope you are all thriving out there.  Just wrote down today's date and realised how groovy it looks.  1.11.11.  Full of possibilities!

More anon.

Louise x

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