Sunday, 27 November 2011

Manic Weekend

Hi all

I have just survived the busiest weekend ever - it can only get better now.  We have had a child's party (great fun!) two shows, a school Christmas Fayre and countless other committments to get through - and we have done it!  Half past nine and I am ready for bed, but hurrah!

Now I am on a mission to keep the children well through the winter months.  We have had so many years of coughs and colds and chest infections, but now that they are getting bigger and stronger I feel that we may be starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  (As I started that sentence Toddler just began coughing in his sleep: talk about tempting fate!)

I have realised today that our home phone literally never rings these days.  We can go days without a single call.  I suppose that is because everyone has mobiles and sends text messages these days.  Makes me feel like a bit of a billy-no-mates at times though...Then again, I used to spend far too much time on the phone.

Everyone should be back at school and work tomorrow.  That means I can crack on with my book.  I will have to find some discipline at some point... Give myself a target of a set number of hours to work each day, or each week. 

Anyway, I am waffling, and none of this can possibly be of interest to anybody but me...

Which leads me to the question, is any blog post better than no post at all? 

Probably not.

All the best to all of you

Louise x


  1. You made me smile with your last question!

  2. Did I sound a bit Uriah Heep-ish? Too 'umble for words... It is a problem though, writing a blog at times. It is best to keep it going, otherwise people lose interest, but hard sometimes to find interesting stuff to say, especially since a lot of my readers now are people who know me so I have to edit out my deepest, darkest and most controversial thoughts... I expect a lot of people writing blogs, yourself included, have the same issues.

  3. Excellent book, very interesting to read about your experiences. Will defenitely reard future books of yours

  4. Hi Anonymous
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate you buying the book, and am so glad you enjoyed it. If you have time, would you please write me a quick review on Amazon? One line would be fine! As for the next book, I am going to knuckle down to it, starting this very evening, spurred on by your comment.
    Louise x