Friday, 4 November 2011


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I have just read an article in The Times by Philip Collins about schizophrenia - it made me want to cry.  Because a 'proper' English newspaper seems to have taken up the cause, and published a balanced and informed piece on the subject.  A big step forward, in my opinion.

Here's the link:

Anyway, I couldn't resist commenting on the article online, and referring readers on to Gianna's blog, Rossa's, Duane's website and here.  Now I feel I had better explain to anyone who does arrive here for the first time - this is a blog about schizophrenia, or about living with the label of it, but also about my daily life with the kids, my recent foot operation and lots of other mainly irrelevant stuff.

So, if you want any information about my experience of mental illness, best to go to my early posts, when I was blogging anonymously about how I felt.  Way before I had finished writing my book.  These will give you an idea of what I experienced during my three long epsiodes in hospital, my feelings about it all, and how I finally moved on to the point where I consider myself to be free of mental illness (although not perfectly sane - who is?) and resentful of the fact that I was ever labelled a schizophrenic.  Well, not resentful exactly - I no longer regret anything that has happened in my life - but determined to do my best to ensure that people who have been recently diagnosed with a mental illness, or who are currently in mental hospitals, can look to the future and be hopeful that they will, in time and with patience and perseverance, recover fully.

Louise x

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