Friday, 4 November 2011

IBS and other gut problems

Hi again

Still browsing the net (bad me; I try not to have the computer on while the kids are at home, but this afternoon I have become obsessed with checking how many people have ticked the 'Recommended' box next to my comment on Philip Collins' article.  Sad, I know).

Anyway, looked at the 'Beyond Meds' site earlier this afternoon and skim-read Gianna's very salient piece on how IBS should not be labelled a 'mental' health problem (although she acknowledges that mind and body are linked).  Meant to go back and comment on that, to say that in my experience stress plays a large factor in IBS, but then when I went back I read the whole article properly and saw that of course she realises that. Here it is:

Meanwhile, I came across this old piece in The Times by Thomas Stuttaford, who was the newpaper's doctor until fairly recently, and whose views I always respected.  This is spot on in my opinion - not only his comments on the link between schizophrenia and gluten, but even those of us without coeliac disease (or without active schizophrenia) can benefit from avoiding gluten.  I know if I eat well I feel an awful lot better - although unfortunately I forgot that this afternoon and accidentally ate a large portion of cheesecake (it was delicious though).

I also find this piece useful because it mentions that by avoiding triggers such as cannabis, gluten and stress those at risk (including perhaps my own children) can be saved from becoming ill in the first place.  I am going to file it carefully for the future - because one day I will be sitting down with all my kids to have a serious talk about the dangers of drugs and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and this will help my case.

If you are interested, you can follow this link to read the article:

Enough for today.  All the best

Louise x

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