Monday, 7 November 2011

Rossa's Link

Hi everybody

I have just copied this link from Rossa's Forbes' blog 'Holistic Recovery from Schizophrenia.  I could have just referred you over there, but I didn't want to lose any of you on the way. 

How do people find these amazing other sites?  I have spent a lot of hours today on the computer, but have not achieved a great deal - then by chance I looked at Rossa's blog and found this:

What I like about this site (which I have never chanced on before, so thanks again Rossa) is that it is written by a psychiatrist who, unlike most of them, is brave enough to own up about his misgivings; to admit that medication may not be the answer to psychiatric problems, and to look for clues as to what the answer might be.  I do still, by and large, admire medics.  I don't see them as the Gods I used to, but I believe that most of them are motivated by altruism, in their choice of career.  Even psychiatrists. 

But then what?  Does the ability to think and express oneself freely get swallowed up by adherence to the opinions of one's colleagues?  Does the salary start to matter more than the job?  Why else, in the face of so much evidence that they are barking up the wrong tree with the drugs and the sections and the damnable cruelty of it all, are all psychiatrists not searching for alternative solutions to mental health problems?

Anyway.  As I said, I have been largely unproductive today.  Hopefully this will lead onto a more productive day tomorrow, as happened at the end of last week.  I have done a lot of washing... And walked the dog for longer than usual.  And I also had a very pleasant chat with my young niece over a cup of tea.  She is half my age and brighter than me by a long chalk.  How do one's infant nieces and nephews ever become so grown up? 

More anon.

Louise x

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