Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Times

Hi Guys

Commented again on the Times article, although of course now that is yesterday's news.  I wish I could always remember exactly where I read what - I must get more organised.  In my newest comment I linked to the article I mentioned on here a few days ago - Caron, The Tragedy of Schizophrenia - the one which is long, but worth ploughing through.  I think it had some valuable insights on the treatment of mental health problems, but now I am going to have to re-read it to make sure.

And it is Saturday - I have promised the dog a long walk, and have various children-based errands to run.  I should not really be propped up in bed with my laptop, still attired in dressing gown and pyjamas, teeth unbrushed and hair unkempt, searching for solutions to interminable problems.  Lucky I have Paul to assure me that I am still reasonably sane - he has just returned from the doctors, newly flu-jabbed, and flung today's newspaper onto the bed next to me.  My hero.

Anyway, hope all of you out there are well and happy.

Louise x

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