Friday, 11 November 2011

That Friday Feeling

Hi Guys

It is Friday already - I can't believe I haven't posted all week.  I have a lot of stuff to write about, I am just not sure that I can or should write about it here.  Oh, the joys of my lost anonymity.  Or should that be, the joys of my anonymity before I lost it. 

But thought I should check in anyway.  I have been reading stuff on other blogs - Gianna Kali on 'Beyond Meds' pointed to the 'One boring old man' blog (or something like that, I should check it but you would do better to go on Beyond Meds and look for yourselves, because you will find so much else of interest there.)  The 'boring old man' in question is a retired psychiatrist who feels that psychiatry is far too reliant on medication.  Well worth a look.

I have been nit busting this evening.  Friday is 'Nit busting' day at my kid's school, and I have done my duty today - we won't be part of the nit chain for at least a week. 

Done a few good jobs today - had a friend round for Toddler and someone to chat to myself, but was able to do a few chores at the same time.  Tomorrow Paul and I are off on a Big Day Out - I will tell you more on Sunday if I have time.  Don't expect a post tomorrow (not that I assume you are holding your collective breath out there).

A happy weekend to one and all.

Louise xx 

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