Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Weekday Weakness

Hi Guys

I have figured out that I really need to get on with some work - by which I mean writing, but with a purpose.  My recovery book is still not much more than a series of notes, and could quickly become a jumble of them, so I am going to start this evening by ordering the thing, writing up a proper plan.  So that I can see where I am going with it, chapter by chapter.

If I don't have a project on the go my mind tends to wander and pick over stuff, and worry it.  I have spent the last few months recovering from my foot op, and trying to organise the house, which fell into chaos when I couldn't clean and tidy at my usual pace, and settling the kids into their school routines, on.  Now before I know what has happened I am feeling unfulfilled, a bit miserable and a bit fidegety, and I know why.

So here goes!  I will keep you all posted.

Louise x

PS - I signed up a while ago to a website called the Happiness Project (there is a book of the same name) and I get an email sent free to my inbox every day, with a quote for the day.  They are often uplifting, and quaint and also surprisingly apt.  It is a nice thing, so I thought I would share it.  Yesterday's quote was by Oscar Wilde, something like 'I must find a way to make everything that has happened to me, good for me'.  I liked that.  Here's the link:


  1. Quote from yellow happy face: "Don't worry, be happy."

  2. Hi Rossa
    Today's quote was by Marcus Aurelius. Something along the lines of 'The world is always changing, but life is what you deem it to be'. I think it translates as, 'Don't worry, be happy', just dressed up a bit.
    Louise x