Friday, 9 March 2012

Back on Track

Ah, all good again.  I have realised that I have always been far too dependent on medical opinion (one of the reasons for my downfall) and also that it is stupid trying to get anyone, psychiatrist or not, to agree that I am mentally well.  Let people think what they want - they will anyway (and are more likely to consider me mad the harder I try to convince them I am sane).  Who cares? 

And, as my email from the Happiness Project declared yesterday, 'To hear complaints is wearisome alike to the wretched and the happy' (Samuel Johnson).  I read that only after I had written yesterday's post, otherwise it might have stopped me in my tracks.

By the way, I would recommend a visit to The Happiness Project website - it may sound a bit naff, but I get a free email from them each day with an uplifting quote, and they are quite nice.  Today's - 'To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real' (Winston Churchill.  I wonder if the 'really safe' means from the black dog - he was a notable sufferer from depression). 

Anyway, I have not yet read The Happiness Project book, by Gretchen Rubin, but I have found the quotations uplifting if anyone wants a look or to sign up for the free newsletter here is the link to her site:

If it is validation I want, I got it today from a nice man at the DWP, who said that it was lovely to meet me, and that I am a success story.  I feel so lucky to be able to put all the government benefits behind me - although I would like to reiterate that I am very grateful to have been in receipt of them for so long, and that they did contribute to my recovery. 

Stress about money plays such a major part in mental illness, and we are lucky in the UK that our benefits system has to date been run generously and humanely.  I do hope that things will work out well for everyone - I know some people who are beset with fear at the changes that are currently being implemented, and I feel so sad on their behalf. 

The impetus to work really needs to come from those in receipt of benefits, and those with mental health problems just may not be ready yet to take that step.  If everybody concerned can be motivated, encouraged to believe that they can cope with change, and be supported through it, but without being forced into anything that would damage their health or wellbeing, the humanity of the system will be preserved.

I have been asked by somebody to ghost write his autobiography, which is exciting.  The proposal is in its infancy, so I will say no more for now, but if I do go ahead it will just be for a few hours a week until the book is done .  I seem to have my fingers in a lot of pies suddenly and want to make sure that I have sufficient time to do everything to the best of my ability. 

Especially, of course, looking after the children.  Younger Daughter had a day off school today with a streaming cold, and she helped entertain Toddler for an hour this morning while my friend was round helping me proof read my memoir.  I have a paper proof copy, and I had gone over it with a fine toothcomb, could have sworn that it was all finished - but she has come up with an astounding number of typos - mostly small ones, but very real.  Unbelievable!  But brillliant that she is reading it so closely.  As soon as she has finished, the paper copy will be available on Amazon CreateSpace - so it should (fingers crossed) be early next week.  It will cost £7.50 - I am pleased with that price, it is less than I had thought it would cost.  And it should be typo-free!

At the moment, by the way, the Kindle copy is only £2 - here's the link to that again, in the UK:
and in the USA:

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