Saturday, 3 March 2012

Toddler is Smart!

My daughters came home late-ish last night - they'd had an activity.  Toddler, who is normally fast asleep early in the evening, was sitting up at the kitchen table calmly eating oranges, and took no notice of their noisy arrival.

'What's he doing up?' they demanded to know.

'He fell asleep in the car earlier, so he had trouble dropping off tonight'.


Then a thought struck them.  They had left the house for their activity in a hurry, and although they had eaten dinner, they'd had no pudding.  'What was for pudding?  Can we have it now?'

'There was no pudding' I told them (a white lie, I didn't want to delay bedtime and I knew they had had some snacks when they were out).

They didn't believe me and started on Toddler.  'What was for pudding?  Tell us! What did you have?' they squealed at him.

'Don't remember pudding' he stated evenly.

'Good boy!' I laughed.

'If you tell us what you had for pudding,' eldest daughter said cunningly, 'I will give you a sticker tomorrow'. 

And without missing a beat, just as calmly as ever, he said, 'Ice cream'.

Clever little monkey!  He hadn't had ice cream at all, he'd had a chocolate roll and he had forgotten, but he had very quickly computed that he needed to make something up to get his sticker - and honestly, there was not even a pause while he thought about what to tell his sisters.  I was in fits.

It was one of those moments that I hope I will always remember, so I thought I would write it down here.  Also, I am aware that I haven't blogged much recently - there are more than enough back posts already, but I will make an effort soon to think of something riveting to write about.  Toddler and his ways will have to fill the gap today. 

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