Friday, 23 March 2012

Paper copy of 'Surviving Schizophrenia: A Memoir'

Finally!  A paper copy of my book is available, at $11.95, from Amazon CreateSpace.  Here's the web address:

In about five days, the book will be available on Amazon, and the price will be visible in pounds sterling too - it should be priced at £7.50.

For now, if anyone wants to buy from the UK, they will have to pay in dollars (with delivery extra).  I don't know how the delivery will work once the book is available on Amazon UK - I hope that standard shipping will be free as usual with Amazon, but I really have no idea.

When you publish through CreateSpace the books are printed on demand - which is great as there is no wastage (and no initial outlay) but I am not sure how exactly it will all work.  I hope there will not be an extra charge for delivery...  I suppose it depends where the books are printed.

Anyway, I am pleased the book is available now in a printed form.  My friend spent two whole weeks proof reading, and came up with some really helpful edits (quite a few actually, I am embarrassed that so many errors had sliped through).  Thanks, Jackie! 

Another friend, whose husband is an English teacher, pointed out that the 'Sound and Fury' quote which I had attributed to Hamlet was from a different play - Macbeth.  I am not so much amazed that I made that error as I am that it was never pointed out before - people who have read the book must now number in their thousands (if at least some of the people who have downloaded copies on days when the book is free actually read it).

Anyway, I feel that my memoir closes a certain period of my life - there it is, down on paper now, sealed in stone and laid to rest.  I am not quite finished yet though - the book which I am currently writing on the subject of recovery will cover some of the same time period of my life, but with less about what went so wrong that I ended up mad, and more about how it all eventually came right again.  The aim is that, as the first book has hopefully helped people to see that there is hope beyond an experience of severe emotional distress, the second will illustrate more exactly how I recovered, and hopefully inspire and help others to follow the same path.  I am looking forward to setting aside more time for that, now that the paper copy of my first memoir is finally available.

Have a lovely weekend, all of you.

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