Saturday, 17 November 2012

Health and Wellbeing Boards, and ImROC

I received a question on the comment section of my last blog post - I was asked what Health and Wellbeing Boards are, and what is the concept of public health all about?  It was one of those jolly good questions which focus the mind - I had been meaning to update the last post anyway because I knew it lacked clarity, but now I will just write a new one instead.

Here, in a bit of a cop-out, is a link to the Department of Health page about the new Health and Wellbeing Boards, which will take on their responsibilites from April 2013:

And here is a link to some information about ImROC (which is a project to help services focus on recovery within mental health treatment):

Basically, insitutional change is afoot in the mental health system - hurray!  And, in my opinion, those of us with an interest in such matters should try to get involved to ensure that real change takes place on the ground.  This is our opportunity.  The Boards do not have to accept service-user input, but almost certainly will do so - if approached properly and politely (note to self- behave nicely!). Certainly judging by the fact that I was allowed to join the ImROC webinar and that my questions during it were taken seriously, I would say that people with lived experience who can suggest improvements to the current system will be welcomed. 

I say it is a bit of a cop-out just to provide links to the relevant pages, because I would like to digest and rephrase all of the information they provide as clearly as possible, but I just don't have the time today.

However, all the necessary information is on those pages, and more can be discovered by following the links on them.  As for public health, in answer to the same comment, the definition I have found is that it relates to the protection and improvement of the health of communities through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles and research to prevent disease and injury.

Because I was away from my family last weekend, I am playing catch-up now.  I am determined to spend more time with the kids (trying to only work while they are at school or asleep).  Although I am on the computer right now, my excuse is that I am also in the kitchen cooking dinner (slightly late for us, but Younger Daughter made a lot of chocolate cakes this morning, which have warded off everybody's hunger pangs for a little longer than usual this afternoon). 

I have decided to try to sort out the house properly before Christmas - I know the chaos will always creep back, but I just think if for once I can have all areas properly orgnanised at the same time it will be easier to keep it in check.  Plus, I have to find some space to accommodate all the new Christmas gifts that the children are about to accumulate.  Visitors to my home always say that it is clean and tidy and can't see why I should think otherwise - but I know what needs to be done, and it is pretty much constant.  I am sure that with more organisation I could simplify things, and cut down on the amount of housework that needs doing - but it may well be impossible, as Paul always states. 

On the bright side, both the girls now keep their bedrooms wonderfully neat, so that is two less rooms for me to tackle. 

Paul suddenly decided to re-decorate the hall this morning (a surprise for me - he went out for a drink with a mate last night and usually the last thing he wants to do the 'morning after' is anything that involves any sort of action at all).   So real disorder reigns today - but I am hoping against hope that he will get the whole thing done by Monday morning, so that the upheaval does not continue into next week.    

I will let you know what happens there...


  1. Just finished reading about the Health and Wellbeing Boards and looks to me as a lot of clever talk: beautiful words like "targets" and "objectives"but nothing telling how they will work practically. A bit of window-dressing springs to mind. The ImRoc has much more of a hands-on approach. It looks as if it is up and running though and they don't need anymore people. How come I haven't heard about them before? Thanks for the links.It is probably my fault-I haven't been to the local meetings

  2. Hi

    I only heard of ImROC through my work with the Dorset Mental Health Forum, then stumbled across the webinar notification on Twitter. It's worth joining in the webinars - you can still do that, and keep updated with their papers. As for the Health and Wellbeing Boards, I suppose it's hard to know yet how they will operate, but I certainly think it would be worth getting in on one if possible, if you're interested in influencing policy-making.

    The Boards have to have a minimum mandatory membership, but then can take other people as they see fit. I was told to enquire locally to find out whether I could become a member - I haven't got around to doing anything about it yet though. I don't know how much time it would all take, or if any payment would be involved - there is only a limited amount of voluntary work I can afford to take on, and I am already very close to that limit!

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  4. The above (now vanished) comment was spam - I published it before I realised!