Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Life, love, laughter

This is going to be an odd sort of a blog post - I know that, even though I haven't written it yet.  How can I tell?  By the title.  Duh.

I feel like writing something positive and upbeat.  I have started reading the 'Selfhood' book by Dr Terry Lynch.  I am not very far in at all, so I can't comment yet on the quality or content of the book.  It has done me good already though, just to know that this sort of a book exists - that there are people who are interested in helping other people, 'even' so-called 'schizophrenics' and others with serious mental health problems, towards a better life, and who don't think that they should be written off.

I was just reading an old issue of the Sunday Times Style magazine, which I had somehow not read but not yet thrown away.  And there were some recommendations for other books in there, that I have noted - The Yellow World, by Albert Espinosa, and Breakthrough by David Carter.  I will get those at some point.  I do like a self-help book!

Paul has been busy non-stop since Saturday morning, stripping, sanding, filling and painting.  He worked all through the weekend on the hall, and in the evening after he comes home from work as soon as he has eaten his dinner, he carries on.  I like this new, energetic husband. 

He's working very fast.  The hall is now getting its second coat of paint - the radiator should be back on the wall tonight, and so should my massive notice board.  I am not sure what colour the walls are - it is a pot of paint that he has collected at some time (have I ever mentioned that my husband is a hoarder?)   It seems like a nice enough colour - light and bright, much better than the garish yellow that has been the hall decor for the last few years - and goodbye to that horrid old thick textured wallpaper that we have been painting over since we moved here eleven and a half years ago (how long?!) 

I love my notice board, it is one of my favourite things.  It is not much use, because it is usually so weighted down by sundry bits of paper that I can never find/see the information I want.  But I love it because it reminds me of how full my life is now, and how lucky I am that I have to find time for all this stuff that the pieces of paper are supposed to remind me to do.  Most of them are from the schools.  But I don't mind that my social life consists of children's parties, school fayres and Christmas carol concerts.  What on earth else could I do with my time that would give me half as much satisfaction?

Since the board came off the wall I have taken off a lot of the extraenous paperwork, and now it looks immaculate and orderly.  I am going to get some new pens tomorrow, and keep some space free on the board for scribbling and doodling.

I have moved my desk, which was in the hallway, into my bedroom, where it fits in fine, and makes me feel more organised already.  The next step is to actually do some organising.  I have too much paperwork in and around the bedroom, but I feel that now I have a place to keep it all, things will improve. 

I am also going to think of some ways to improve the hall area, rather than just move everything back into the original positions.  The desk will stay here, so I am thinking of using that space to maybe put a cupboard, or at least some shelves, for storage.  The notice board will go on a different wall.  The possibilities are endless!

Youngest son (note, not Toddler any more!) had his first friend back from school today.  They had an absolute riot, played non-stop, and the noise got louder and louder...  It was nice to see him so excited and happy.  Although, come to think of it, he is permanently excited and happy.

Long may it last!

Anyway, apologies for banging on about the hallway.  I did warn you at the outset that this was going to be an odd blog post.  Just be grateful I haven't figured out how to upload pictures of the hall yet...  I may do that, and then put them on here. 

If I do it quickly enough, you might be able to watch the paint dry. 


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