Monday, 12 November 2012

Paula Caplan

Below is a link to a ten minute video - it is well worth a watch:

The video was posted on YouTube by Paula Caplan, an eminent American psychologist.  It is about the harm done by psychiatric diagnosis - 'portrayed as scientific, helpful and harmless' when it is completely the reverse.  At the end of the video she gives links to further sources of information and ways to take action.


  1. I'll watch the video when I have more time. It looks interesting.

    Not sure if I've ever pointed you towards this video before but the Making a Killing, The untold story of psychotropic drugging documentary is one that all psych staff should watch. I'll send you the link as a twitter direct message as blogger isn't allowing me to paste the link!

  2. Thanks Katy, I got your Twitter message and link. I will watch that when I get a mo...although the fact that it is ninety-five minutes long makes me wonder whether I will ever have time. I will, though. But first I have to catch up on my Psychology homework as a priority! I got your other Twitter messages too, thanks - sorry, I didn't reply because I have no idea how to Direct Message on Twitter since they changed their system around several (weeks or months?) ago. I am sure I will figure it out one day... L x