Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Schizophrenia Commission Report out Tomorrow

I had a Direct Message on Twitter yesterday from the Schizophrenia Commission - thanking me for my blog and telling me that there had been differing views on the diagnosis within the Commission. Which I thought was rather polite of them, considering my slightly uncouth behaviour ('dissing' them on Twitter recently).

 I also received an email yesterday, telling me that my case study has been used in the Commission Report, and attributed to me by name, as with the case studies they had requested from others.  Also, apparently, there has been a recommendation about the diagnosis in the report, although 'not as strong as you would like'.  And apparently, when the report is released there will be information about where we can continue the debate.

I considered being churlish and refusing to engage in any further debate.  But that would, in effect, amount to cutting off my nose to spite my face.  So, I look forward to reading the full report tomorrow - although I am still mightily offended by the failure of the Commission to recommend a change of name for the diagnosis, and baffled by how on earth they could have thought that this was a fair and reasonable course of action. 

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