Friday, 23 November 2012

Wild Comments

Houston, I have a problem...

While trying to do two things at the same time (straighten out a babysitting situation with a friend and publish a recent comment on this blog) I made a major mistake.  I somehow published ten unmoderated comments, instead of the one I had been intending.  Aargh!  I am short of time this morning, but have just spent half an hour looking for the errant comments, and only found one of them (it was the most important one, somebody had sent me her private email address, so I took that off straightaway).

The others had remained unpublished either because they were from friends, or because they were abusive, or they were spam.   So, now there are some  unpleasant or unecessary remarks under some of the blog posts, for which I apologise.  The trouble is that there are so many blog posts, and so many comments attached to them, that it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I have a list of all the published comments, but it is eight pages long, and although I looked carefully, somehow quite a few seem to have slipped under the radar. 

Sorry, again.  Please let me know, anybody who sees anything they don't think should be there.  I will have another thorough look this evening.

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