Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Schizophrenia at the Seaside

Hi All

Since I have picked up a new follower - hi Eliza! - I thought I should write a blog entry. Been to the Isle of Wight today with hubby and the kids and some friends of ours. We went to visit another family, who moved over there three years ago. I am ashamed to say I have made no effort to keep in touch until now - despite thinking of my friend and her family often.

Anyway, we had a lovely time. Made me think that we should do stuff with other families more often. And I do intend to keep in touch more from now. My friend is bi-polar - she has kids the same age as ours, and a high-flying career too. She has struggled in the time that I have known her, but really does seem to be on top of things now. Part of this must be down to the slow pace on 'The Island' - it is all so much more relaxed there, like stepping back in time.

Our dog was well-looked after by the next door neighbour, who seems to have really enjoyed doing so. So, all hunky-dory.

The agent said no to my memoir - but now it is in the hands of another agent, and this one has asked to see it... I haven't set my hopes too high this time. Partly because he is a top agent and I hardly dare to hope that he might be interested in my work. Partly because I am still considering publishing under another name, and I have a feeling that if the agent did take me on he would not do so unless I was willing to take part in publicity.

Anyway, I am not going to think about any of that until next week at least. I need a holiday! If the agent does prove interested, then I will be going crazy again with the editing, because I want to be sure that I am completely happy with every aspect of it before I send it to him. If he isn't and I decide to self-publish I will have all the time I need to knock the book into shape.

Hope all is well with all of you. Enjoy the hols. Try not to overdo the chocolate...but don't feel guilty if you can't resist the temptation!


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